Monday, January 24, 2005

New Year New me?

hello everyone in blogland - hope life is treating you well! Sorry i haven't written since last year however there was much drinking and eating to be done over christmas!
With that out of the way i can concentrate on my new project! I am currently trying to lose weight via a weight watchers diet. This is my 2nd week now so far i have lost 2lbs but i am being weighed again tomorrow! Have found this new diet is leaving me a bit lethargic - hope this goes away
will write more soon

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Sun zoom spark

The above title is homage to 2 things, firstly my boyfriend's brothers sun box because when I imagine it in my head it is an incandescent futuristic type computer which may become self aware & secondly this got me thinking of a magazine, by the same name my brother worked on once in scotland - i think it was a student mag- but i just like the title.
I am very tired this week as is everybody! This is mainly my own fault as i have been working 6 days but have been consuming far too much booze and food as it is christmas.
Actually today is "mini" boxing day. The concept of mini christmas started way back in 2002 in a basement kitchen in bradford. At Uni we had a mini christmas, we had a nice meal, crackers, decorations, booze, etc before we broke up for the holidays. Pete & i have carried on this tradition by having a christmas dinner last night. To make it even more authentic we even tried to watch star wars after eating. And today we slept in, ate leftovers for breakfast and generally were lazy- hence mini "boxing/st. stephens day", depending on what country you are from. Although usually i would be getting dressed up now to go to fancy dress (this time next week i will be:) )I am now getting dressed up in my jammies and going to bed
night night
PS If you are reading this andy and kirsten, thanks for a lovely evening - just realised i might not see you again till 2005! Though I probably will!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Chritmas shopping

Hurrah i have finished my christmas shopping - i feel very happy with my purchases. I hope people like them. I have tried to think about what I was buying! Only 10 more days and then I am flying home for christmas.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Festive times

Hurrah! It is offically the festive period- i know this because 1.there is a short pine tree in my living room 2. you can't park anywhere as all the spaces are full( haven't they heard of amazon/ebay?) 3. my bank balance is pretty empty :( but...I do have lots of cool presents under my tree. 4. my Christmas party from work is next week.
I love christmas & parties so hopefully next week should be good, although I am little apprehensive as i recently changed companies and this is the first social gathering with my new lot. I hope I don't make a tit of myself!
Apart from that all is good in the land of Labhaoise- I went to see Bridget Jones last week it was very good.
My top bit of advice for this week is if you can download the new lemon jelly stuff from itunes as it is fab! Sorry have just thought of another bit of adive - everyweek Itunes do a free download- sometimes it is really good sometimes it is shit! Always cover your nose when you sneeze, don't stare at the sun, don't drink and drive -right that's all the advice I am giving you!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

chocolate for breakfast

As it is the 1st of december, you are permitted to eat chocolate for breakfast out of your advent calender. Or in my case your "groovy crimbo countdown calender"- which counts down also to the most important day of this upcoming holiday birthday (or new years day for the rest you that didn't know.
Sorry I haven't updated this for a while but i have had a busy couple of days. It mostly consisted of me sitting in cars and trains, trying to see a piece of modern dance @ the royal opera house but failing, meeting petes famous cousin for a drink, celebrating Petes birthday (25) by going for curry and staying up watching scary films and drinking lots of beer till 5.30 am with jimmy homunculus, sleeping, eating fryup, driving to norwich, driving back to haddenham, eating pizza, sleeping
Think I only recovered yesterday! I am a day off tomorrow (hurrah) so am off to christmas shop & to see Bridget Jones diary 2.
I am knackered - hope everything is ok with every one in blog land
L xx

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

san andreas widow

Woop Woop! Welcome to the life of Labhaoise - optometrist extraordinare. Today has been a fairly good day. I have been to work today - had a couple of fairly interesting patients, both in their early 80's. It always amazes me when i see on the record card - date of birth 1923 or something (it scares me even more when patients are younger than me & have couple of kids in tow!) It is mind boggling to think of what those people have been through & all the changes they have seen. It also makes me a bit sad when they are losing it a bit and you and the patient are getting frustrated. But I do like dealing with older people on the whole as they make me laugh- this one lady i saw today was 84 and started telling all about how she loved the lastest "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" As I said the mind boggles.!
I love my job - i think it is ace. It does have it downsides though and one of the hardest things to deal with is people losing there vision. My main enemies are Age related macular degeneration(AMD), diabetes and glaucoma. Cataracts are like the villians that are always foiled- we beat them in the end, but the rest of them are evil diseases - especially AMD where ultimately the retina wears out.
Anyway I could talk about eyes for hours! But I won't, a couple of people told that me getting this blog would be good as i talk so much & I guess they must be right- I thought I had nothing to say when I sat down to type. It was just something to do as I am a san andreas widow- as we speak my boyfriend, a lowlife criminal, is probably mowing some people down with a chainsaw or a bunch of flowers in my living room- even though it isn't SATURDAY!
Anyway only 2 more days at work and my brother is coming over for the weekend, which i am looking forward to. We are going to see some ballet on friday and are going out for meal on saturday. This is all aid of Petes, the above metioned lowlifes', 25th birthday on monday.
So things are looking up!
Nighty nighty

Sunday, November 21, 2004


Today has been a very typical sunday - it has been really grey and miserable in this corner of the world. And sunday seems to have lasted forever! I went to have a fittness assessment at my
gym to discover I am not an awful lot fitter than when i started 3 months ago. However I have lost 6cm of my shoulders!
It has been a very techy weekend - with the discovery of this blog, internet phone and my new google email account. All of which are ace! Tomorrow I will have to head back in the real world and pretend to be a grown up and test eyes- which in itself is quite techy!